Elsa | 24 | She/Her

Hi! I'm a self-taught illustrator and animator. I've been drawing since around 2008 and I'm still constantly working on expanding my skills and abilities. I draw a lot of animals and people in a variety of styles. Some of my favorite things to draw are kitties, dragons, and other mythical creatures. I also like to make handmade crafts with polymer clay, sewing, or needle felt.

I love making characters and developing their stories. I hope to maybe make comics of some of them eventually!

I also really enjoy gaming with both PC and console. Some of my absolute favorites include the entire Zelda franchise, Portal, Minecraft, and many more.
Don't hesitate to add me on Discord, Steam, or with my Switch Friend Code: SW-4622-5644-1224

Feel free to check out my work or contact me through any of my links!

Art Status

  • Commissions - Closed

  • Requests - Stream only

  • Art Trades - Friends Only

  • Collaborations - Friends Only

Commission Information

Terms of Service

  • I have the right to decline any commission order for any reason.

  • My artwork is not to be used for any commercial purposes, such as printed merchandise with the intent of making profit.

  • I do not start drawing anything until payment is received. I can accept payment in portions for larger or more expensive projects.

  • Prices may change depending on how difficult or simple a character or commission is. Do not send any sort of payment until I confirm the correct amount with you.

  • Wait time depends on the detail level of the commission and where your commission is placed in queue (based on when payment is received). I always send updates on the commission progress, don't be afraid to ask!

  • I do not accept refunds after the cleanup process has begun. I always send sketch and work updates to the client before and after this point in the process.

  • I will not create NSFW or otherwise explicit artwork. This does not include general blood or gore.

  • I accept payment through PayPal or DeviantArt Points. ($1 = 100 Points)